Resume || Vitae


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•Strong critical thinking skills as evident by creating and vetting surveys, behavioral measures, and observational coding systems to quantify psychological variables
•Applied strong written and verbal skills through multiple publications in peer-reviewed academic journals and professional presentations
•Applied extensive qualitative methodological expertise (interviews/focus groups, coding of qualitative data, interrater reliability thematic/discourse analysis) to a variety of research projects and peer-reviewed publications
•Demonstrated analytical abilities through data analysis using SPSS software, including correlation, GLM (regression, ANOVA/ANCOVA/MANOVA), mediation, moderation, and factor/principal components analysis
•Ability to adapt and independently learn new challenging techniques and methods
•Applied project management skills through the successful completion of over 20 research projects


•Demonstrated expertise to manage large teams and produce high quality deliverables that meet or exceed project expectations 
•Ability to allocate and manage resources, budget, and timelines while still producing successful results
•Capacity to delegate effectively and motivate team members to achieve on-time completion
•Adept communicator able to synthesize and present research findings to diverse audiences (professional conferences, technical and non-technical audiences) through presentations and scientific writing
•Effective collaborator as evident by the ability to work across multiple disciplines with a range of lay, professional, and academic experts
•Skilled in building rapport with diverse individuals to effectively lead research teams
•Demonstrated ability to facilitate teams through problem-solving and creative-thinking processes in order to develop and implement new approaches and methods